Search For The Soul

West Africa: Mali: Timbuktu: Festival in the Desert
The Tuareg are the struggling nomadic 'blue people' of the desert outside Timbuktu Mali, West Africa. Through interviews and experiencing daily Life in Timbuktu we will witness the adverse effects of poverty and desertification on these indigenous people. We wil learn about the nomadic Tuareg and how they are in risk of losing their rich cultural heritage. We will discover what the soul means to them as we experience Life in and around Timbuktu, the music of Mali, and experience 'The Festival in the Desert.'

Indigenous Culture: The Tuareg
Festival: Festival Au Desert, Festival Segou
Environmental Threat: Desertification
Projects: Solar Powered Wells, Wind & Solar Energy, Rural Education, Childhood Music Education
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North America: Louisiana: New Orleans & Houma: The Bayou Culture
We will go deep into the Bayou culture with JeConte & Anders Osborne meeting the people and musicians of the New Orleans, Louisiana and The Bayou. It is here where we we learn about this amazing culture, what inspires them and ultimately learn about their connection to the soul through their music and the land around them.

Indigenous Culture: Bayou Culture - Cajun Culture, Mardi Gras Indians
Festival: Houma Voice of the Wetlands Festival, Local Cajun Festivals, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
Environmental Threat: Coastal Wetlands & Bayou Culture
Projects: Wind & Solar Energy, Housing Development, Rural Education, Childhood Music Education
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Australia: Mowamjun Aboriginal Festival & Pitjantjatjara People
We will travel to Australia to meet the indigenous Aboriginal cultures. Australian Indigenous people are faced with the fragmentation of their culture at a rate unprecedented in modern times, with disturbingly low outcomes in health, education, employment, and other community indicators. Travel with us to the Outback where we will embrace this culture, discover what the soul is to them and how they express themselves through their music.

Indigenous Culture: Aboriginal Culture
Festival: Mowamjun Aboriginal Festival & others
Environmental Threat: Aboriginal Custure
Projects: Solar Energy, Housing Development, Rural Education, Childhood Music Education
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Asia: Mongolia: The At Chabysh Horse Festival & Salburun Eagle Hunting Festival
Travel to the remote plains of Mongolia where we will experience the At Chabysh Horse Festival and the powerful Kyrgyz horse the fabled animal which contributed to the construction of the Kyrgyz civilization. Additionally we will go to the Salburun Hunting Festival combines local traditions and shares them with modern culture in a festival that celebrates the local way of life. From Falconry to archery and more the festival shares culture from every corner of Mongolia with music and tradional celebrations throughout.

Indigenous Culture: Mongolian Nomadic Culture
Festival: At Chabysh Horse Festival & Solburun Hunting Festival
Environmental Threat: Vanishing water supply
Projects: Wind & Solar Wells, Rural Education, Childhood Music Education
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Asia: Bhutan/Nepal/Tibet/India: Karshar Festival, Losar Festival, Tsechu Festival
Travel to the Karsha Gustor festival, Ladakh to discover Buddhist culture that has enabled its inhabitants to preserve and perpetuate their cultural identity north of the Himalayas the remoteness and desolation of Ladakh and its thin air high at 15000 feet is truly bewitching, the architecture and Ladakh house style most fascinating, and the warmth of the local people, hardened by the harshness of their environment and life, most inspiring.

Indigenous Culture: Nepalese & Tibetan Culture
Festival: Karshar Festival, Losar Festival, Tsechu Festival
Environmental Threat: Glacial meltdown
Projects: Wind & Solar Energy, Housing Development, Rural Education, Childhood Music Education
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South America: Brazil: The Amazon: Manaus: BoiMuba Festival
Journey up the Amazon River to the BoiBumba festival and the region deep in the heart of Amazon country. BoiBumba is the region's largest and most famous festival. Boi is a style of music and dance that celebrates the history of the people of the region. The natives of the region call it a festival of folklore.

Indigenous Culture: Amazon Tribal Culture
Festival: BoiBumba Festival and inland tribal festivals
Environmental Threat: Rainforest
Projects: Wind & Solar Energy, Rural Education
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Asia: India: Festival of Holi, Thrissur Pooram in Thrissur, Rath Yatra, Dasara, Camel Fair in Pushkar
Colors will fill the atmosphere as people throw abeer and gulal in the air showing great joy and mirth in the arrival of this Spring Festival. Holi marks the end of the winter gloom and rejoices in the bloom of the springtime. It is the best time and season to celebrate; Holi provides this opportunity and people take every advantage of it.

Indigenous Culture: Remote Hindu culture
Festival: Festival of Holi, Thrissur Pooram in Thrissur, Rath Yatra, Dasara, Camel Fair in Pushkar
Environmental Threat: Population Growth
Projects: Rural Education
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Europe: Poland, Iceland, Normay: Crossroads Music Festival, Aldrei fr g suur, Trna Festival
The CROSSROADS Festival is one of the most important world music festivals in Poland and in this part of Europe, an international forum for the most important groups from different parts of the world, open air concerts at the Main Market Square in Cracow, small concerts (State Drama School, Cracow Philharmonic, clubs: Fabryka / Alchemia / Rotunda), music workshops (Wyszegradzki Dom Ta?ca, Szko?a na Rozstajach).

Indigenous Culture: Gypsy, Remote Icelandic and Norwegian Cultures
Festival: Crossraods Music Festival, Trna Festiva
Environmental Threat: Gypsy Culture
Projects: Rural Education
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