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South America: Brazil: The Amazon: Manaus: BoiMuba Festival

Journey up the Amazon River to the BoiBumba festival and the region deep in the heart of Amazon country. BoiBumba is the region's largest and most famous festival. Boi is a style of music and dance that celebrates the history of the people of the region. The natives of the region call it a festival of folklore.

BoiBumba takes place at the end of June on the island of Parintins (a 1hr 15 min flight or 26 hr boat ride from Manaus) and is a competition by two groups (or Corrals) from Manaus of Boi dancers, singers and bands. Each night the two groups, Garantido and Caprichoso, present a pageant of sight and sound that is unlike anything outside of the region. Judges decide a winner after the completion of the third night of the festival. It is a major influence on and of the region and everyone in Manaus is either a Garantido or a Caprichioso. The BoiBumba festival of Parantins is about 80 years old.

Indigenous Culture: Amazon Tribal Culture
Festival: BoiBumba Festival and inland tribal festivals
Environmental Threat: Rainforest
Projects: Wind & Solar Energy, Rural Education
Music: Local cultural music combined with soulful blues.