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Europe: Poland, Iceland, Normay: Crossroads Music Festival, Aldrei fr g suur, Trna Festival

The CROSSROADS Festival is one of the most important world music festivals in Poland and in this part of Europe, an international forum for the most important groups from different parts of the world, open air concerts at the Main Market Square in Cracow, small concerts (State Drama School, Cracow Philharmonic, clubs: Fabryka / Alchemia / Rotunda), music workshops (Wyszegradzki Dom Ta?ca, Szkota na Rozstajach). A confrontation of international and Polish stage of world music, ethno jazz and ethno. CROSSROADS allows different musical styles and genres to clash: from the traditional ones to transformations and experiments blending traditional and jazz music, folk, rock and classical music inspired by traditional motives.

In Icelandic terms, Aldrei fr g suur is the opposite pole of its famous bigger brother Iceland Airwaves. Aldrei is not about hyped-up acts and trendy types. Trends don't reach the Westfjords! Aldrei fr g suur is the celebration of rural heritage, community life and egalitarian values: volunteers run the festival that takes place in a workshop that normally repairs bulldozers and trucks; there is no entry fee and no soundchecks; all artists regardless of fame and popularity play for free and for only 20 minutes. The friendliness and hospitality of the locals is admittedly humbling and the festival is a collective effort of everybody in safjrur. "We did a deal with the town council in order to get them involved, because we thought that politicians were lazy and weren't showing up at the gigs. So we agreed that the mayor would be actively involved in housing people, helping out and working at the venue and show an example," Mugison proudly explains.

Trna Festival - In the ancient fishing village of Trna the festival is held. Music in the spirit of pioneering that still is part of these peoples' ethos will be celebrated by bringing new Norwegian "fresh" musical expression to the fore. The festival program features various music genres.

Indigenous Culture: Gypsy, Remote Icelandic and Norwegian Cultures
Festival: Crossroads Music Festival, Trna Festiva
Environmental Threat: Gypsy Culture
Projects: Rural Education
Music: TBD: Local cultural music combinded with soulful blues.