Search For The Soul

What is the soul?

Is Western society losing connection with the soul?

Are we damaging our children by allowing them to spend so much of their time on energy intensive computers, cell phones and televisions?

Can Westerners enrich their connection with their soul through learning about perspectives of the soul from indigenous peoples?

"Search for the Soul" is a web, broadcast, short and feature length documentary film project that follows musician Joe Conte ("JeConte") as we explore the origin, current state and future of the soul. This exploration takes place through the indigenous cultures of the World and the most remote music and cultural festivals on the planet.

This colorful and exciting film series and documentary will shed light on the harsh realities that the indigenous peoples of Today face on a daily basis. It will explore how these people connect with their soul, and reveal the importance of their lifestyle and 'way of life' is to the fabric of who they are. We will discover the natural and cultural beauty that these parts of the World have to offer, despite the hardships. Learn how Western society continues to negatively impact many of these indigenous cultures through its imbalanced contributions to Climate Change. Then, learn how the development of green technologies in remote parts of the World can be a proactive response to the impacts of climate change: deforestation, desertification, and more.

Mitigating the impacts of climate change on these cultures will, in turn, help preserve their musical heritage and foster a continued connection to their souls. Through examining the Indigenous' perspective of the soul, Western society will be able to gain some useful insight into the soul, and find a deeper connection with their own soul, through an understanding of the hearts and souls of others.