Search For The Soul

Joe Conte - Founder, Musician

"In August of 2009, my Love, my Light my Negrita Jayde, was taken tragically by cervical cancer. One year prior to her loss, my Father lost his battle to lung cancer. These personal tragedies forced me to take a step back and see the value of the life we lead, the importance of being conscious in this life, and the intrinsic value that comes from our conscious decisions.
Above all, the 'greater universal connection' that a project such as this can foster - through creating an environmental and social awareness (impact) and bettering the lives of those around us - we can make a difference in the world - something that is pivotal to our lives as conscious, compassionate human beings." - Joe Conte

As a multi-media professional for the past twenty+ years, Joe Conte brings years of experience to the table for 'Search for the Soul.' Having owned multiple Internet companies, WebsighT Design, Online Advenyre, The Strategy Agency - Joe has developed hundred of media project and understands 'hands on' all aspects of internet media - from complex database development to social networking, Internet strategy, complex social media marketing, and all aspects of digital media. He has worked in video and film production for two decades, filming in: Dubai, Egypt, Mali, Europe, Greece, Panama, Mexico, and throughout North America for clients like Carlos Santana and for the travel website Online Adventure and, of course, Search for the Soul.

Joe Conte is an established musician rounding out his role in 'Search for the Soul' by incorporating his talents to help keep the project path on its soulful direction. His music can be found at He has also founder of the non profit SOULNOW ( Save Our Universal Language NOW ) and has launched a powerful crowdfunding soultion that will showcase Search for the Soul 2.0 in 2020 with Influencer & Brand Sponsors. SOULFUNDER.COM.

Joe Conte