Search For The Soul

Joe Conte - Founder, Musician

"In August of 2009, my Love, my Light and my Life, Negrita Jayde, was taken from me tragically by cervical cancer. One year prior to her loss, my Father lost his battle to lung cancer. These personal losses forced me to take a step back and see the value of the life we lead, the importance of being conscious, and the intrinsic value and potential that comes from our conscious decisions. Above all, the 'greater universal connection' that this project can foster - through creating an environmental and social awareness and for bettering the lives of others - is pivotal to our lives as conscious, compassionate beings." - Joe Conte

As a multi-media professional for the past fifteen years, Joe Conte brings years of experience to the table for 'Search for the Soul.' Having owned multiple Internet companies, he has developed 100's of websites and understands all aspects of internet media - from complex database development to social networking, internet strategy and all facets of online marketing. He has worked in video and film production for over the past decade; filming in Dubai, Egypt, Mali, Europe, Greece, Panama, Mexico, and throughout North America for clients, Online Adventure and Search for the Soul.

Joe Conte is an established musician rounding out his visionary role in 'Search for the Soul' by incorporating his talents to help keep the project path on its soulful direction. His music can be found at He has also started the new non profit SOULNOW ( Save Our Universal Language NOW ) and 'Search for the Soul' will act as a locational discovery project for SOULNOW destinations. You can learn more about SOULNOW here: SOULNOW.ORG

Joe Conte

Marca Hagenstadt Creative Developer, Producer

Marca Hagenstad was introduced to independent films in the early 1990's, volunteering for both the Telluride Film and Mountain Film Festivals. She now lives in Colorado's Front Range where she consults to energy organizations worldwide. A trained scientist with a passion for the arts, Marca served as project manager for the permitting process to artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude on their forthcoming "Over the River" work of art. She has studied film at the Documentary Cinema Institute in Denver, and has worked in video production, photography, and music promotion.

She created Colfax Productions in 2004 to operate her filmmaking projects, the first of which documented the history and path of UKjazz-funk band, The New Mastersounds. This feature-length award-winning music documentary, "Coals toNewcastle: The New Mastersounds, from Leeds to New Orleans,"spread the passion and enthusiasm of 4 talented British musicians as it screened at festivals across the U.S. and Europe. Marca has also made a series of videos for the California Sustainability Alliance, documenting sustainable energy and other sustainable practices.

Coals toNewcastle: The New Mastersounds, from Leeds to New Orleans

Marca Hagenstadt