Search For The Soul

North America: Louisiana: New Orleans & Houma: The Bayou Culture

We will go deep into the Bayou culture with JeConte & Anders Osborne meeting the people and musicians of New Orleans, Louisiana and The Bayou. It is here where we we learn about this amazing culture, what inspires them and ultimately learn about their connection to the soul through the music and the land around them.

Indigenous Culture: Bayou Culture - Cajun Culture, Mardi Gras Indians
Festival: Houma Voice of the Wetlands Festival, Local Cajun Festivals, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
Environmental Threat: Coastal Wetlands & Bayou Culture
Projects: Coastal Housing Inovation, Rural Education, Childhood Music Education
Music: Down by the Bayou: JeConte & Anders Osborne
An all star crew of New Orleans musicians playing tradional Louisiana music that will intertwine with modern day blues and soulful, tradional, Cajun music.

Details: Anders Osborne
Anders story (his life, his career) is not unlike those of the other great songwriters and artists that he's been compared to by critics and roots purists Dylan, Guthrie, and Van Morrison, by the time he found New Orleans (or maybe it is the other way around) by taking the long way trekking through Africa and Egypt, working odd jobs to get to his next destination, he had the miles and music down to begin his career in his new home.

He's worked his magic for other performers, writing "Watchin the Wind Blow By," a number one hit for country superstar Tim McGraw and "I Was Wrong" and "A Better Man," both Grammy-winning songs from Keb' Mo's album Slow Down. Anders has written songs for Brad Paisely, Jonny Lang, Tab Benoit and Jimmy Thackery, to name a few.

We will document Anders, work with him in the studio, coordinate footage of him and JeConte traveling through The Bayou and throughout Louisiana, all coupled with performance footage from the album project, porch recordings with local Cajun musicians and Cajun/Wetlands music festivals.