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Asia: Bhutan/Nepal/Tibet/India: Karshar Festival, Losar Festival, Tsechu Festival

Karshar Festival - Ladakh offers the best that adventure and cultural travel in the trans-Himalaya can offer, from warm-hearted people, curious monks and an experience of the perfect harmony in which the locals live amidst their harsh yet stunning environment.

Travel to the Karsha Gustor festival, Ladakh to discover Buddhist culture that has enabled its inhabitants to preserve and perpetuate their cultural identity north of the Himalayas the remoteness and desolation of Ladakh and its thin air high at 15000 feet is truly bewitching, the architecture and Ladakh house style most fascinating, and the warmth of the local people, hardened by the harshness of their environment and life, most inspiring.

Bhutan, Sikkim as well as Nepal Himalayan cultures all stage the traditional Buddhist monastic festivals. In Ladakh, Hemis Gompa has been hailed as the festival to visit in Ladakh. It's prominence has been in part created due to easy access by road from Leh, the capital. But Ladakh, as Bhutan, offers number of fine festivals and among the most unique is the Karsha Gu-stor festival in remote Zanskar. The festival takes place at the Karsha Gompa, a monastery that huggs a steep mountainside, a spectacular site some 12 kilometers from Padum, Zanskar's ancient capital.

Indigenous Culture: Nepalese & Tibetan Culture
Festival: Karshar Festival, Losar Festival, Tsechu Festival
Environmental Threat: Glacial meltdown
Projects: Wind & Solar Energy, Housing Development, Rural Education, Childhood Music Education
Music: Local cultural music combined with soulful blues.

Details: Festivals
TIBET, Losar [Tibetan New Year] An extremely colourful occasion with stunning traditional costumes worn by monks and many fascinating rituals, though beware the altitude and cold. It is a nationwide celebration and festival. Feb/March

BHUTAN, Paro Tsechu Festival - a magnificent and kaleidoscopic festival held in a spectacular location in the Himalayas, with hundreds of locals gathering to see the monks dressed in vivid robes performing masked ritual prayers and dances.