Search For The Soul

West Africa: Mali: Timbuktu: Festival in the Desert

The Tuareg are the struggling nomadic 'blue people' of the desert outside Timbuktu Mali, West Africa. Through interviews and experiencing daily Life in Timbuktu we will witness the adverse effects of poverty and desertification on these indigenous people. We wil learn about the nomadic Tuareg, how they are in risk of losing their rich cultural heritage, and we will discover Life in Timbuktu, the music of Mali, and experience 'The Festival in the Desert.'

Indigenous Culture: The Tuareg
Festival: Festival Au Desert (The Festival in the Desert), Festival Segou
Environmental Threat: Desertification
Projects: Solar Powered Water Wells in Local Communities, Wind & Solar Energy,Rural Education, Childhood Music Education

Music: Mali Blues:
A discovery of the blues from where it all began, Mali West Africa. 'JeConte & the Mali Allstars,' who performed at the 'Festival au Desert' in 2011 have recorded a new album 'Mali BLues' with a multitude of Malian greats from Toumani Diabate and Bassekou Kouyate to Tuareg musicians Khaira Arby, members of Tinariwen and much more. For more on the project go to:

Details: Shindouk Mohamad Lamine & the people of Timbuktu
Tuareg Chief Shindouk Mohamed Lamine, a well respected Tribal elder and chief, runs a small eco lodge called 'Sahara Passion' in Timbuktu. He works as a guide to help bring much needed resources to his 'very extended' family, a southern Sahara tribe of Tuareg that consists of over 2000 mostly nomadic people. In Timbuktu there is not an 'abundance' of anything, the average person lives without access to the most basic amenities that Westerners take for granted. The majority of the people are in survival mode on a daily basis and those who live in the desert are truly far from even the most basic amenities.

Footage of Shindouk in and around Timbuktu, in the Desert, interview footage, day to day Life footage. Additional footage of Timbuktu and historical images, discussing the history of the region and what Life there has been like versus what it used to be , all the while tapping into his soul as the salt of the earth, the family and the desert that surrounds this reghion and the culture of the Tuareg.